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My Works Include:


 Three Shakespeare Sonnets for Soprano and String Quartet (piano reduction available):

                                                                                             Sonnet 1

                                                                                             Sonnet 2

                                                                                             Sonnet 3

 Four Byron Songs for Medium Voice and Piano :              

                                                                                             She walks In Beauty


                                                                                             My Soul is Dark

                                                                                            There be none                                                    

 Green Lane, based on a poem by Peter George.



Recorder:                                                                                                        French Horn:

  Sonata for Treble Recorder and Piano:                                                                                           Rhapsody for Horn and Piano

         Sam Howley_Sonata Movement I.mp3

         Sam Howley_Sonata Movement II.mp3

         Sam Howley_Sonata Movement III.mp3

         Sam Howley_Sonata Movement IV.mp3

  Carn Ingli for Treble Recorder and String Quartet (Piano available)                

  The Light Fantastic for Treble, Sopranino recorders and organ

   Lacrymae for Two Treble Recorders and Harp



Flute:                                                                                                              Saxophone:

  Images for flute and piano                                                                                                               Mwnt for Alto Sax and Piano                                                      


String Quartet:                                                                                            Baroque Violin and Harpsichord:

  Incidental Music for Romeo and Juliet                                                                                          Yellow    

  Love Theme      



  Romeo & Paris Fight  



 (Suite of Six Pieces)



Choral:                                                                                                                      Orchestral:

 Requiem of the Somme SATB with Sop Solo                                                                                            Storm

 Libera me

Voices in the Wind SATB

 I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud SATB                                                                

 Shall I compare Thee SSA

 Orpheus with his Lute ATB

 The Enchanted Isle (Commissioned by the Dyfed Choir) SATB

 Canticum Terrae SSATB


 WW1- A Village Opera (Libretto by Peter George) Winner of the Daily Telegraph Award for remembering WW1