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My Works Include:


 Three Shakespeare Sonnets for Soprano and String Quartet (piano reduction available):

                                                                                             Sonnet 1

                                                                                             Sonnet 2

                                                                                             Sonnet 3

 Four Byron Songs for Medium Voice and Piano :              

                                                                                             She walks In Beauty


                                                                                             My Soul is Dark

                                                                                            There be none                                                    

 Green Lane, based on a poem by Peter George.



Recorder:                                                                                                        French Horn:

  Sonata for Treble Recorder and Piano                                                                                           Rhapsody for Horn and Piano

  Carn Ingli for Treble Recorder and String Quartet (Piano available)                

  The Light Fantastic for Treble, Sopranino recorders and organ

   Lacrymae for Two Treble Recorders and Harp



Flute:                                                                                                              Saxophone:

  Images for flute and piano                                                                                                               Mwnt for Alto Sax and Piano                                                      


String Quartet:                                                                                            Baroque Violin and Harpsichord:

  Incidental Music for Romeo and Juliet                                                                                          Yellow    

  Love Theme      



  Romeo & Paris Fight  



 (Suite of Six Pieces)



Choral:                                                                                                                      Orchestral:

 Requiem of the Somme SATB with Sop Solo                                                                                            Storm

 Libera me

Voices in the Wind SATB

 I Wandered Lonely as a Cloud SATB                                                                

 Shall I compare Thee SSA

 Orpheus with his Lute ATB

 The Enchanted Isle (Commissioned by the Dyfed Choir) SATB

 Canticum Terrae SSATB


 WW1- A Village Opera (Libretto by Peter George) Winner of the Daily Telegraph Award for remembering WW1